Take Your Pick, 2024.

Un-Paisley, 2023.


Saipranathi Sreeram is a multi-disciplinary artist who designs and makes jewellery and sculptural objects inspired by lived experiences. Sreeram’s practice is centred around exploring material possibilities and pushing analogue and digital techniques in a scientific manner.

Take Your Pick, 2024.
Take Your Pick is the project Saipranathi developed during her time at the Royal College of Art.
Take Your Pick is an installation expressing themes of choice and contrast. Using diverging materials of metal and paper and distinctive aesthetics of Kitch and Brutalism, the work questions the notion of holding onto things out of practical necessity.

Minute or Immense?
Lustrous or Matte?
Metal or Paper?
Kitsch or Brutalist?
Multiple or Solitary?
Arbitrary or Rational?
Colour or Not?

Un-Paisley, 2023.
Saipranathi graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in July 2023, with the series of work, Un-Paisley.
The Un-Paisley is a series of objects revolving around the shape India calls the 'butta', Scotland the 'paisley', and I, like my mother, the 'mango'. This shape personifies the duality of the narratives within colonies and highlights the repercussions of colonialism in a so-called 'post-colonial' world. Through its popularity within craft and trade, as the Kashmiri shawl, the shape provided the first seeds of the industry before and through India as a colony. And, through its immoral journey to the West, rooted in imperialistic ideas of ownership within Scotland, the shape, appropriated as the 'paisley', was the touchstone of domestic industries, providing many people, especially women, with an opportunity at financial independence. At the same time, whilst the western-world seemed to benefit from this motif, in India, the native industries were decimated. Un-Paisley takes the forms of vessels and body adornments made from metal; it combines traditional metal-smithing techniques with those from textile crafts. This collection was developed while contemplating the idea of imperial ownership as I resonate with the shape’s immaterial sense of post-colonial narratives.


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Curriculum Vitae


'Loves This', Diana Porter Jewellery, New Designers, June 2023.
'Webster Loves', Stephen Webster, New Designers, June 2023.
Commended, GSA Sustainability Prize, June, 2023.
Shortlist, Contemporary Cutlery Design Competition, The Cutler’s Company, April, 2023.
The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office Award, Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards, 6th March, 2023.
Silver Award, Make Your Mark - 2D Design, Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards, 6th March, 2023.
Shortlist, Contemporary Cutlery Design Competition, The Cutler’s Company, May, 2021.


Royal College of Art, Dazzling Flavours, Lost Weekend Cafe, Munich, 2nd March, 2024.
Panellist, Panel Discussion, Battersea Design District for the London Design Festival, London, 20th September, 2023.
Diana Porter's New Designers, Diana Porter, Bristol, 11th August - 21st October, 2023.
New Designers, London,  28th June - 1st July, 2023.
Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards Exhibition, Goldsmith’s Centre, London, 2nd May, 2023.
Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards Exhibition, Birmingham Assay Office, 21st, 22nd and 28th March, 2023.
Glasgow School of Art, ‘GSA Delights - A Taste of Scotland’ Exhibition, Schmuck Infopoint, Munich 11th March, 2023.
Glasgow School of Art, ‘Touch’ Exhibition, 6th - 13th May, 2022.
Radical Jewellery Makeover (RJM), Scotland, Princes Square, Buchanan Street, Glasgow 26th - 29th March, 2022.
Glasgow School of Art, ‘Precious Encounters’ Exhibition, Alston & Gordon Street Coffee in Glasgow Central Station during COP26. 31st October - 12th November, 2021.
Glasgow School of Art, ‘Bus Stop Jewellery Conversations’ Exhibition, April, 2021.


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